Zoom Comicons – Online Watchrooms As Anime Lover’s Reply To Pandemic

It is very joyful and convenient if you play your favorite series serial or movie with the person who has the same interest same thoughts and is in your personal space. You can’t live with them every time. Mainly because of this pandemic, it becomes complicated for people to meet with each other. But don’t worry; there are many ways by which you can see your favorite movie serials with them.


Yes, you heard it right; you can watch with them even if you are miles apart. Any website that provides you features of watching anime together with friends. These websites provide you the feature of watching with them. Along with this, you will also share your thoughts with them to protect the next scene. For more information about these websites you can visit https://9anime.wiki/.  Now without wasting any more time let’s gets straight to that Website with the help of whom you can watch the 9anime with your friends:

Discord go live- screen share

This Website will provide you the feature of sharing your screen so that your screen is visible to the other entire person with whom you are talking. In addition, when you watch any serial or series using this Website, it will detect what you are playing, and all your friends’ individuals can join the channel to view either video or audio calls.


It is the most popular Website for watching videos and movies together. This Website has a very concise and easy interface. Provide you the option of chatting with your family and friends while streaming the content. You can also run multiple anime episodes simultaneously. Using this Website, you can stream all the videos that are present with different providers.

Tutturu. TV

It is another good platform that you can use to stream your video content with another person. This Website allows you to stream your video from all different websites. Here, you can enable your chat and voice option simultaneously to share your opinion with your family and friends. This also provides you with some advanced features of playback. The best thing is you can save the video from a particular time so that you can reach your video from that time only. On this Website, you can watch your 9anime together with your friends free of cost.


It is one of the websites you will find on the list of best websites to watch videos together. On this Website, you have to create a room so that your friends can enter your room with the code. This picture will provide you complete privacy to watch your videos together. On this Website, you also need to register for creating a temporary room.


On this Website, you can even make a video call with your friend to see your reaction easily, or we can easily see your reaction. The video call will not interrupt your video both the video call and your movie will run parallel.

The final words

Watching your favorite anime with your beloved is the best way and will provide you immense pleasure. Unfortunately, due to this pandemic, it almost seems impossible to watch videos with them. All thanks to these platforms and websites providing the features to watch the video content with your loved ones. They are also providing you many other features like video calls, audio chatting, and many more.

Also, missing that time when you watch your favorite movie or 9anime with your friends, you should give this Website a try. This Website will give me your real-time experience, and you will use these websites.

Top 5 Tips To Sleep Better

Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Lack of sleep can not only affect your productivity but can affect your emotional state of mind too. A mentally tired person is less empathetic and understanding when it comes to others’ emotions and needs. Lack of sleep can even have you irritated and on edge for no apparent reason.

Top 5 Tips

Here are 5 of the best tips to help you sleep better:

No Screen Time

In today’s digitally advanced world, everyone is hooked on to their smartphones and other gadgets from the minute they wake up to the minute they fall asleep. But, unfortunately, while looking at your smartphone or watching movies till you fall asleep may seem to be a great idea after a long day at work, it does more harm to your sleep than you can imagine.

Research shows that the blue light from the screens of various gadgets has a deep impact on our brains and prevents us from falling into a deep sleep. A sleep cycle is not complete if one does not go into a deep sleep.

Put away all your gadgets and avoid screens at least for 2 hours before bed. This will help your brain to wind down and go into a deep sleep.


Everyone experiences varied levels of stress in their day-to-day lives. Meditating can help you block out all that is bothering you and help the mind calm down. This will help reduce stress and anxiety, but it can also help you get better sleep.


Cultivate a hobby that can help you de-stress before you call it a day. Spending a few minutes doing something you like can help you forget the stressful life and focus on something you enjoy. This helps in keeping your stress and anxiety levels in check, thus helping you sleep better.

Fixed Timing

Fix a time to go to bed like you would set the alarm to wake up. Once this alarm goes off, ensure you stop doing everything and go to bed. This will help your brain and body come into a routine. Going to bed at the same time every night will help you get a good deep sleep as your body will get conditioned to it.

Right Bed

The last but very important tip is to invest in a good bed. Bad beds that are not comfortable can rob you off your sleep and result in backaches and other spinal problems. If space is a constraint and you are sleeping on your couch or a sofa bed that is hurting your back, consider changing beds.

A queen size futon bed will not only save space in your room but can be a very comfortable bed too. While a king size may seem too much, a queen size can be compact and accommodate another person too when needed. This can be a very wise investment for those who want the comfort of a proper bed but do not want to compromise on the floor space.