Spicing Up the Bedroom with a Moroccan Twist

Everyone can do with the occasional bedroom revamp. Although, you may find yourself stuck with little to no inspiration as to what could give your bedroom, a sanctuary for some, the perfect look coupled with color variations to create an ambient atmosphere.

A wonderful idea that is quick to inspire many is the beautiful North African country, Morocco. Using the cultural infusion from the country can inspire and replicate the elegance of the bedroom with a Moroccan imprint found in geometric designs and spice and artisan bazaars located in Fes, Morocco.

Moroccan Color Scheme

When considering Morocco as the inspiration for a bedroom revamp, the first thing to consider are what your color options are. Using the ethnic significance combined with neutral and bold tones leaves you with plenty options like blues, maroon, crimson, and emerald to name a few.

A Dark Wood Four Poster Canopy Bed

This is a typical type of bed used in Morocco usually made in dark wood with four posts that extend quite high above the mattress. A bed canopy or ceiling is used to create a private space and fortunately helps with repelling mosquitoes too. The canopy can be made by draping a swath of fabric above the bed connecting to each bedpost.

Quality Bedding and Accessories

The linen used in Moroccan culture is typically found to be made up of 100% cotton and 100% Sabra silk. This sort of silk is hand-loomed by Berber women using natural fibers and then dyed. The fibers used to create the silk is harvested from cacti vegetation found in the Sahara Desert.

Scatter cushions used in the bedding selection are great as these create an interesting layered and textured look. These cushions are also handwoven by Berber women using 100% organic wool. Some pillows and cushions are found to have intricate traditional Rabat embroidery and geometric designs. Interestingly, Rabat embroidery was created as far back as the eighteenth century.

There you have it. A complete guide to aid you with inspiration to revamp your bedroom from old to new, replicating the splendor and beauty of Morocco!

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